Spir Star – Hose Type 16mmUHP®

General Details
Ø ID Ø OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure Bend Radius Weight Insert ID Sleeve
15,9 mm 31,8 mm 2.000 bar 5.000 bar 400 mm 2,523 kg/m 10,5 mm 38 mm
0.63 inch 1.25 inch 29.000 psi 72.500 psi 15.75 inch 1.695 lbs/ft 0.41 inch 1.5 inch
Oil & Gas Gaseous media handling
Waterblasting surface preparation (concrete removal, surface cleaning of buildings, paint removal), tank and vessel cleaning, ultra high-pressure waterjet cutting and hydro demolition (cutting and demolition of armoured concrete, pipelines, paper or steel)
Hydraulics pressure test equipment (valves, tooling and control panels)
Inner Core: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Pressure Support: 8 layers of high-tensile steel wire
Outer Cover: Polyamide (PA)
Color: Chrome yellow
Temperature: -30°C to +60°C [-22°F to 140°F]
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