Many of our largest and longest-standing supply agreements are in the Chemical Processing industry. TFS fittings, valves, and tubing are used extensively on standard instrument hook ups including:

  • Pressure, temperature, and level transmission
  • Heat trace lines
  • Impulse lines from differential pressure cells
  • Pneumatic valve actuator packages and air supply to solenoid valves
  • Air supply to pneumatic equipment

AN and KC103 Fittings for Ground Support & Test Stands

From the very beginning with Army-Navy specifications, TFS has developed a detailed understanding of the requirements of the aerospace industry.

Today we specialize in servicing ground support contractors at Johnson and Kennedy Space Center, OEMs manufacturing testing equipment for turbine engines, and in-house labs and testing centers supporting the emerging private-sector space program in the US.

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Systems

There’s no clear fitting product standard for the safe design and construction of compressed and liquefied natural gas vehicle fuel and fueling systems. You need a trusted advisor with knowledge of the issues to guide you through the component selection process based on your objectives and needs. Someone like TFS with technical experts from this industry on staff. Someone who manufactures products which have been tested to requirements of NGV 3.1, 4.6, and ECE R110. Someone with capability to provide PPAP certification and perform additional validation testing on your systems in an ISO 17025 laboratory environment. Someone like TFS.

Radome and Turrent Controls and Cooling Systmes

TFS is standard supplier to many land-based defense system manufacturers. We understand your needs.

From DFARS-compliant raw material sourcing through 100% US manufacturing and certification to Berry Amendment (USC Title 10, Section 2533a) provisions, TFS understands the procurement needs of the defense industry.

Deck Handling, Launch, Elevator, and Ramp Systems

TFS is a standard and approved supplier to many military and commercial shipbuilding companies, their suppliers, and their customers.

Northrup-Grumman, General Dynamics and Marinette Marine are among those who’ve endorsed TFS‘s rigorous quality control program.

And when the delivery has to be made because the ship is leaving port, we understand that isn’t just a figure of speech. We won’t let the ship sail without TFS onboard.

Fittings for Railway Braking Systems

Manufacturers of systems used by the transportation industry depend on TFS fittings. TFS is found underneath floor boards, behind panels, and underneath carriages. Just the sort of locations where you need reliability and endurance.

Manufacturers of these type of systems know they can count on TFS quality and performance, and we’re easy to work with solving unusual problems with non-standard fittings as well.

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