No-Hub Couplings – 12″ and 15″ Hi-Torque

General Details

12″ and 15″ diameter no-hub couplings constructed with our high-torque Pow’r-Gear® clamps and patented bi-directional shield. Designed for installation torque of 120 in.-lbs.

A quality line of large diameter hi-torque no-hub couplings with high-capacity Pow’r Gear® Clamps.  Installed at 120 inch-pounds and provides greater sealing pressure around pipes of larger diameter than do conventional clamps. In full compliance to ASTM C564, CISPI 310, ASTM C1277 and ASTM C1540, and also carry IAPMO Certification

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Size Part No. Installation Torque Inch-Pounds No. of Clamps Per Coupling
12″ 6231M8G 120 6
15″ 6232M8G 120 6

Shield Material:  304 SS
Band Material: 304 SS
Housing Material: 304 SS
Screw Material: 305 SS
Eyelet Material: 305 SS
Gasket Material: ASTM C564 Compliant
Installation Torque: 120 in-lbs
Ultimate Torque: 150 in-lbs

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