One Piece Body Chemical Injection Double Block & Bleed Valve

General Details

DV Series Chemical Injection DBB with Integral Quill

Injection valves include a normally closed check valve which opens when chemicals are injected into the process line. The sample probe or injection quill extends into the process media line to give optimum sample or injection conditions. Both probes and quills can be manufactured to the desired length to suit the application pipe size (normally 50% of the pipe diameter for maximum dispersal in injection services and mean-samples in sampling services). Typical injected chemicals include methanol, Glycol, Wax inhibitor and de-scaler. Vortex shedding / Wake frequency calculations available on request.

Used for the injection of de-waxing and de-icing chemicals and other fluids into a live process. Typical chemical applications include methanol, Glycol, Demulsifier etc.

As shown in the diagram below, injection quills can be manufactured to your own specifications (x). The Alco chemical injection double block and bleed’s are supplied as standard with a piston type non-return valve to prevent back flow of the injected fluid.
Simply connect the injection line to the inlet connection, open the isolation valves and inject the selected chemical in to your pipeline system. Longer probes available with anti-vibration supports.

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