Multi-Port Gauge Valves

General Details

The multiport gauge (ball valve) is designed to provide an economical method for mounting gauges with the facility to test and calibrate gauges and pressure switches. As an option the ‘3’ series is supplied with screw-in vent and blanking plugs to facilitate the vent / testing. The ‘3’ series, being a ball valve construction / clear bore, offers roddability due to it’s straight through flow passage.

The valve is available with male, female, compression end or standpipe inlet and 3 x outlets. It can also be supplied complete with a swivel gauge adapter for 360° rotation gauge positioning.

Options avaiable include lever or ‘T’ bar handle, electric or peumatic actuators, security locking device, extended handle etc.

Constructed in materials: 316 stainless Steel, Ali-Bronze, Monel 400, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel and Hastalloy.

Up to 6,000psi (414bar)

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