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General Service Gauge, Cost advantage of brass internals – proven ruggedness and accuracy of McDaniel engineering. Heavy duty Polymid ‘B’ Gauges, fiberglass reinforced case, Full blowout relief, Laminated safety glass Lens, Watertight case

Dial size: 4 inch (100mm)
Fillable: Yes
Connection: 1/2″ NPT
Case: Polyamid “B”
Internals: Brass
Wetted parts: Brass/bronze Bourdon tube (Alloy steel over 800 psi)
Accuracy: 1/2% FULL SCALE ASME B40.1-Grade 2A
(Up to 10,000psi, 15,000psi above 1%)
Ranges: Vacuum, Rec., Compound, 0-35,000 psi, 6″wc-250″wc
Mount: L-Lower back connection (without panel mount flange), P-Panel mount/lower back connection, R-Rear Flange-(For Wall Mounting), S-Solid Front/Blow-out Back, U-Panel Mount/lower back u-clamp
Scale: B=psi/Bar(dual scale), K=psi/kPa(dual scale), psi/kg/cm2(dual scale)
Options: O2(cleaned for oxygen service)
Choice(s) of filling: GF=Glycerin, SF=Silicone, or FF-Fluorolube
Standard: No pointer stop on dial, Adjustable pointer, Quality Construction, Brass movement, Brass/bronze Bourdon tube(alloy steel over 800 psi) Accuracy 1/2% full scale ASME B40.1-Grade 2A Polymid ‘B’ fiberglass reinforced case.
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