Flexsteel® 250 EPDM – Steam Crimped Steam Assembly

General Details

Used for cleaning, heat control, fire prevention, pumping, thawing, blowout service, steam pumps and hoists in open-end or permanent installation operations. It is used in refineries, shipyards, chemical plants, steel mills, foundries and heavy industrial applications where high strength is required and where severe environmental conditions are encountered. Rated to temperatures of -40°F to 425°F (-40°C to 218°C).

Crimped steam assembly application: Coupling assembly crimps permanently onto hose; forms a tight crimp that reduces leaks and eliminates bulky bolt clamps, while reducing potential for damage from snagging on personnel or property.

  • Tube
  • Cover
    Red or black Pyrosyn synthetic rubber
  • Reinforcement
    Braided steel wire (3/4” and higher
    have 2 steel wire braids)
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