Female NPT, Valved without Flange Quick Disconnect Coupling – Brass

General Details

5110-S5-10B Eaton 5100 Series Female Socket – 1/2-14 Female NPT, Valved without Flange Quick Disconnect Coupling – Brass

Eaton’s 5100 Series brass coupling with steel tubular valve offers minimum air inclusion and fluid loss. Thread together latch provides connect under pressure capability and vibration resistance. The 5100 Series is not rated for continuous hydraulic impulse applications. For hydraulic impulse applications, refer to the FD86 and FD96 Series thread to connect product lines.

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Part Number
Coupling TypeCoupling SizeBody SizePort ThreadTypeFig.Dimensions
ABHex 1Hex 2
5100-S2-4BPlug/Male1/41/81/8-27Female NPT147.81.8822.9.9017.5.69
5110-S5-4BSocket/Female1/41/81/8-27Female NPT253.32.1033.51.3214.2.5630.21.19
5111-4BComplete1/41/81/8-27Female NPT381.33.20
5100-S2-6BPlug/Male3/81/41/4-18Female NPT165.52.5826.71.0523.9.94
5110-S5-6BSockets/Female3/81/41/4-18Female NPT261.02.4038.91.5319.3.7635.11.38
5111-6BComplete3/81/41/4-18Female NPT3104.44.11
5100-S2-8BPlug/Male1/23/83/8-18Female NPT165.52.5826.71.0523.9.94
5110-S5-8BSockets/Female1/23/83/8-18Female NPT261.02.4038.91.5319.3.7635.11.38
5111-8BComplete1/23/83/8-18Female NPT3104.44.11
5100-S2-10BPlug/Male5/81/21/2-14Female NPT179.03.1135.11.3830.21.19
5110-S5-10BSockets/Female5/81/21/2-14Female NPT278.03.0750.31.9829.51.1644.51.75
5111-10BComplete5/81/21/2-14Female NPT3132.35.21
5100-S2-12BPlug/Male3/43/43/4-14Female NPT179.03.1135.11.3830.21.19
5110-S5-12BSockets/Female3/43/43/4-14Female NPT278.03.0750.31.9829.51.1644.51.75
5111-12BComplete3/43/43/4-14Female NPT3132.35.21
5100-S2-16BPlug/Male111-11 1/2Female NPT190.23.5544.21.7439.61.56
5110-S5-16BSockets/Female111-11 1/2Female NPT293.53.686.122.4136.61.4453.82.12
5111-16BComplete111-11 1/2Female NPT3151.95.98
5100-S2-20BPlug/Male1 1/41 1/41 1/4-11 1/2Female NPT194.23.7152.82.0847.81.88
5110-S5-20BSockets/Female1 1/41 1/41 1/4-11 1/2Female NPT2101.64.0058.72.3145.21.7863.52.50
5111-20BComplete1 1/41 1/41 1/4-11 1/2Female NPT3160.36.31
5100-S2-24BPlug/Male1 1/21 1/21 1/2-11 1/2Female NPT1104.64.1262.52.4655.62.1955.62.19
5110-S5-24BSockets/Female1 1/21 1/21 1/2-11 1/2Female NPT2104.14.1078.73.1050.82.00
5111-24BComplete1 1/21 1/21 1/2-11 1/2Female NPT3165.66.52
Applications & Markets:
  • Hydraulics and fluid transfer
  • On-highway hydraulic wet lines
  • Dump and refuse vehicles
  • Bulk liquid transfer
Product Features:
  • Tubular valve construction for virtually no fluid loss during disconnection, reduces environmental and worker safety hazards
  • Low air inclusion during connection maintains system performance
  • Available with wing or hex nut configurations
  • Connect against pressure capability allows connecting of halves even when pressurized up to 500 psi
  • Steel flange available for accessible bulkhead mounting
Standard Body
Brass body with high resistance carbon steel with zinc trivalent plated valving components, hex and wing nuts
Standard SealBuna-N
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