Double SS Braid Gas Hose Range

General Details
Slow sintered PTFE hose that is ideal for gas delivery applications due to lower permeation. Double stainless steel braid to for higher pressure applications.
Applications  Medium pressure gas delivery applications
Inner layer construction Gas quality smoothbore PTFE tube – PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part 1.PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.6.1.C.E.4_12”
Outer Layer construction  2 x Stainless Steel 304 wire braid


Temperature range -60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F)
Ferrule range available Only available as assembly
Fitting range available Only available as assembly
Other  Medium pressure smoothbore PTFE tube with a double braid high tensile 304 stainless steel. Available with antistatic liners for applications that may produce static build up


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