ANSI Length 2 to 12 inch Bore – Patent Pending

General Details

The Twin-Blok3 ANSI 16.10 length body design delivers crystal clear advantages to all users as it can directly replace any single isolation valve to the same length without costly pipework modifications being carried out.

The range is 2” (50mm) to 12” (305mm) full bore in various pressure ranges from 600lbs to 2500lbs. Flange types include Raised face (RF) and Ring type joint (RTJ). Materials of construction include ASTM A182 F316, ASTM A350 LF2, Duplex and super Duplex.

The Twin-Blok3 bolts directly to the pipeline flanges making it more cost effective than convention fitting.

Safer, having Only One Pressure Joint from end to end. Most other DBB manifold designs have a greater chance of leakage due to the greater number of pressurized joints within the construction, usually created by a bolt-on end flange or a screwed insert at each end. These joints are normally a means of access to the internal components of the valves (seats, balls, stems etc.) the way in which the valve parts are inserted into the body construction upon assembly at the factory. Once the “guts” of the valves are fitted the joints become redundant serving only as potential leak paths or additional pressure seals that may require maintenance. The Twin-Blok3 has been designed to have the lowest possible number of these joints, being only one, reducing the number of potential corruption / Leak paths by at least 50% make it safer.

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