Helically convoluted strip wound PTFE and fibreglass tape

General Details
Helically convoluted strip wound PTFE and fibreglass tape combine to give extreme flexibility, corrosion resistance, long term durability and chemical inertness, this hose can be used in many diverse applications, from thermal cycling to injection moulding

Used globally in applications that require a tighter bend radius whilst still requiring the unparalleled qualities of a PTFE hose.Tape wrapped convoluted hose assemblies are also highly resistant to the demands of thermal cycling in laundries, rubber and plastic moulding and other types of steam service characterised by frequent on/off cycles  but is not suitable for steam – cold water cycling applications

Inner layer construction Helically convoluted PTFE tube with glassfibre outer layer PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part 1.PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.6.1.C.E.4_12”
Outer Layer construction High tensile 304 maypole wound Stainless Steel braid


Temperature range -54°C to +260°C (65°F to 500°F)
Ferrule range available No
Fitting range available Not at present
Other Antistatic liners are available for the Tape wrapped range for when electrically resistive fluids are being transferred at high flow rates.
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