T1700/T2000 Range

General Details
The light-weight high pressure hose with an antistatic PTFE liner performs well above its weight for hydraulic applications . Ideal for applications requiring strength, reliability and long term performance. T1700 has a post sintered antistatic PTFE liner for gas applications.
Applications  High pressure applications that require strong, lightweight, long performing reliable hoses
Inner layer construction Antistatic smoothbore PTFE tube – PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part 1.PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.6.1.C.E.4_12”
Outer Layer construction  PTFE impregnated aramid and/or glassfibre braid
Temperature range -60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F)
Ferrule range available Only available as assembly
Fitting range available Only available as assembly
Other   High pressure antistatic smoothbore PTFE tube with bunch braided high tensile 304 stainless steel
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