PureFlex – 450 Series Ball Valves

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The PureFlex 400 Series composite ball valve is a superior quality, ANSI Class 150 valve engineered with features not yet available in any other composite ball valve. Manufactured from advanced premium Derakane® 470 grade vinyl ester or E-Plus™ epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass or carbon graphite, the valve is able to withstand severe corrosive media as well as hostile environments up to 275°F. The 400 series ball valve exceeds Class VI shut-off and its stem seal will meet your routine or most demanding service requirements. The massive one piece body meets ANSI B16.10 dimensions and its ISO 5211 universal mounting pad and flange mounting makes automation simple even with the valve in service. The 400 series valves are ½ the weight of alloy valves and offer maximum corrosion resistance, the elimination of product contamination, and provide the ultimate in flexibility and value.


The 450 series valve is manufactured from advanced E-Plus™ epoxy resin reinforced with glass fibers. It has outstanding corrosion resistance to solvents and is suitable for many chemicals from -50ºF to +225ºF up to 275 psi. Size range 1″ – 10″.

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