UC-HL2 Projectile Launcher 2″

General Details

Made from machined aluminum and hard-coat anodized to withstand years of use and abuse, the UC-HL2 launcher was designed for constant everyday use. Ideal for hose shops with a counter business, this launcher has the capability to clean any application up through 2” ID. The ergonomic design of the launcher and the supplied 360° rotary plug makes this launcher easy to handle and reduces operator fatigue without sacrificing proper air-flow.

This launcher requires the UC-AR1 adapter ring to adapt down to sizes below 1¼” ID.

Available Kits
  • UC-CAP Kit : UC-HL2 Launcher, UC-AR1 Adapter Ring, 19 Nozzles (for cleaning hose, tube & pipe), UC-CC Carrying Case, UC-PC Catcher Bucket, Projectiles 7mm through 60mm (¼” through 1¼”), UC-S Launcher Stand.
  • UC-HL-9-2 Kit: UC-HL2 Launcher, UC-AR1 Adapter Ring, UC-CC Carrying Case, 9 Hose Nozzles ¼” through 2”.
  • UC-HL-25-2 Kit: UC-HL2 Launcher, UC-AR1 Adapter Ring, UC-CC Carrying Case, 25 Hose, Tube, JIC & FFORX Nozzles ¼” through 2”.
Air Requirements
  • 80 PSI (5.5 Bar) minimum to 110 PSI (7.5 Bar) maximum.
  • 1/2″ ID air hose to ensure 55 SCFM (1.6 m3/min) air flow.
  • 5 micron filter and regulator with gauge are strongly suggested!
Features and Benefits
  • Capable of cleaning 1/8″ through 2″ hose, tube or pipe.
  • UC-HL2 Launcher is supplied with a Full Flow Quick Release Coupling and 360 degree Rotary Plug for proper air flow and non-fatigue operator use.
  • Safety Release Bar that locks the faceplate into a closed position for firing Ultra Clean Projectiles.
  • Manufactured from precision machined aluminum and fully anodized for harsh environments and heavy use.
  • Ideal for production hose and tube shops, mobile hose fabricators and job site applications due to its simplistic design, size and portability.
Order Inquiry

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