Tube Nozzles (Nominal Inch)

General Details
Nominal inch tube nozzles have a stop on the inside that forms an airtight seal when the tube is fully inserted into the nozzle. Nominal inch tube nozzles are white in color and designated with a “UC-T” in the part number. Some “UC-T” nozzles may also be designated for JIC use as reflected in the part number.Metric tubing nozzles are also available

Model Description
UC-T03 TUBE NOZZLE 3mm (1/8”)
UC-T06 TUBE NOZZLE 6mm (1/4”)
UC-T08 TUBE NOZZLE 8mm (5/16”)
UC-T10 Tube Nozzle (10mm) (3/8”)
UC-J13/T13 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 13mm (1/2”)
UC-J16/T16 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 16mm (5/8”)
UC-J19/T19 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 19mm (3/4”)
UC-J25/T22 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 25/22mm (1” & 7/8”)
UC-J32/T25 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 32/25mm (1-1/4” & 1”)
UC-T32 TUBE NOZZLE 32mm (1-1/4”)
UC-J38/T38 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 38mm (1-1/2”)
UC-J50/T50 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 50mm (2”)
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