HIHPG4-20149 – Panel mount in watertight case

General Details
  • Partial pressure blends Nitrox or mixed gas fills to any %
  • Provides conventional scuba Air fills to 3500 PSI
  • Bootstrap powered directly from existing H.P. compressor storage
  • Fills and blends 50/50 Nitrox Storage if desired to 3500 PSI, then dilutes to desired blend into dive tank
  • Sealed in watertight case with complete charts for partial pressure blending

Dive Store or Boat Support Gear Required:
1. High pressure compressor producing Grade E minimum air purity
2. Hyper-purifier to produce OCA (Oxygen Compatible Air) in storage cylinders
3. Storage cylinders 9-12 total actual cu. ft., 2500-3000 PSI
4. Oxygen or other gases* supplied in D.O.T. cylinders up to 2500 PSI (Usable down to 200 PSI)

Order Inquiry

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