4-Way Ball Valves

General Details

The Alco ‘X4’ Series 4 way ball valve. Available in single flow, ‘T’ or double ‘L’ configuration. Also available in three pressure ranges:

SB4NS-X4 – 1,000psi (64bar)
HSB4NS-X4 – 3,000psi (207bar)
PSB4NS-X4 – 6,000psi (414bar)

The 4-way multi diverter valves are an economical and safe method of diverting high pressure lines, this replaces several high pressure 2-way valves. Ideal for sampling or vent / dumping applications. Ensuring an altogether safe, compact and easy to install solution to high pressure diversion, using the inlet pressure to actuate the floating ball ensuring a tight seal on the seat.

Available in bottom or side entry body formats. Materials of construction include 316 stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, monel, hastalloy, titanium, duplex and other exotic alloys. ‘CLICK’ below to see more options.

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