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100% Compliant with the Chlorine Institute’s Pamphlet 6

CL2™ Hose Services

  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Other highly aggressive oxidizers or corrosives

PureFlex CL2™ hose assemblies are specifically designed for the safe transfer of chlorine in the manufacturing, transporting, and packaging industries. It is ideal for loading/unloading barges, rail cars, tankers and filling 1-ton, 100 lb, and 150 lb cylinders. CL2™ hose has excellent chemical resistance and is not subject to stress fatigue or corroding like metal hose. It is light weight, easy to clean, and resists corrosion from any exposure to moisture/humidity which can unintentionally enter systems. CL2™ hose assemblies are 100% compliant with the Chlorine Institute’s Pamphlet 6.

CL2™ Advantages

  • Corrosion Resistant – PTFE is fully resistant to the broadest range of industrial chemicals and has a zero corrosion rate with lower life cycle costs.
  • Cleanable – Non-Stick, low porosity tube is self cleaning and does not trap bacteria and can be cleaned with steam, detergents, caustics or solvents.
  • Sanitary – FDA- approved materials meet or exceed Pharmacopoeia Class VI and 3A standards.
  • Compatible – Will not contaminate or impart a taste, color, or odor to any media.
  • Flexible – Ultra flexible engineered design that resists cracking and stress corroding.
  • Durable – Engineered for extended use in hostile environments involving severe chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses. Does not suffer from aging or ernbrittlement like rubber even with extreme thermal cycling.
  • Applications: Chlorine/bromine transfer
  • Liner material: PTFE
  • Cover: Kynar® braid
  • Size range: 1/2″ to 2″
  • Pressure rating: Full vacuum to 500 PSI
  • Temperature range: -40°F to +225°F
Max Temperature Rating: Kynar Braid +225°F
Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Max. Operating
Min. Burst
Pressure Test
1/2 .75 500 2500 1000 .19
1 1.5 375 1875 750 .40
1-1/2 2.10 375 1875 750 .59
2 2.62 300 1500 600 .87
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