PureFlex – 890 Series Butterfly Valve

General Details

PureFlex Series 890 Butterfly Valve bodies are manufactured from Derakane 411 vinyl ester reinforced with ECR glass fiber in a proprietary process developed by PureFlex providing outstanding corrosion resistance to thousands of medias. The Lug and Full-Face 890 valves offer full flange support in FRP and light gauge metal piping systems.

The heavy cross section of the Series 890 Full-Faced and Lug PureFlexs valve also provide complete support for FRP pipe flanges which eliminates the problem of piping flange breakage at installation. The Lug style valves are directly threaded and possess steel-like thread strength to resist high torque loading. PureFlex Series 890 Butterfly Valves are available in sizes 14″-42″

PureFlex 890 series valve is designed for extended service life in hostile, demanding applications where expensive heavy alloy and lined valves fail.

  • EPDM / Plated DCI
  • Hypalon┬« / Plated DCI
  • 316 S.S.
  • Titanium Gr. C-2
  • UHMWPE / CD4MCu S.S.
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