No-Hub Couplings – Heavy-Duty HD

General Details

Installs at 80 in.-lbs. and boasts an ultimate torque rating exceeding 100 in.-lbs. Heavier gauge stainless steel and 3/8″ hex-head screws.

IDEAL-TRIDON Heavy-Duty HD Couplings are a  quality line of heavy duty where structural reinforcement and higher sealing pressures are required. It has a wider foot print on the joint and increased number of higher torque capacity clamps, as well as an added measure of structural rigidity and enhanced sealing pressure for applications requiring added safety margin against leakage. Fully certified to ASTM C1540, ASTM C564 and FM 1680 (Class 1 and 2), and carries IAPMO, and Canadian Standards Association certification.

Find Your Part Number

Size Part No. Installation Torque Inch-Pounds No. Clamps Per Coupling
1-1/2″ 6217H8G 80 4
2″ 6218H8G 80 4
3″ 6219H8G 80 4
4″ 6220H8G 80 4
5″ 6221H8G 80 6
6″ 6222H8G 80 6
8″ 6223H8G 80 6
10″ 6230H8G 80 6

Shield Material:  304 SS
Band Material: 304 SS
Housing Material: 304 SS
Screw Material: 305 SS
Eyelet Material: 305 SS
Gasket Material: ASTM C564 Compliant
Installation Torque: 80 in-lbs
Ultimate Torque: 100 in-lbs

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