Model MPB-SA Gauge


Dial size:

4 1/2 inch (130mm)
Fillable: Yes


1/4″ NPT or Metric
Case: Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic
Internals: 316 Stainless Steel
Wetted parts: 316 Stainless steel (C Form 600 PSI & Below). (Spiral 800 PSI & Above).
Accuracy: 0.5 % full scale to ASME B40.1 standard (Grade 2A)
Ranges: Vacuum,Rec.,Compound,0-20,000 psi
Mount: Standard Bottom Connection
Scale: B=psi/Bar(dual scale), K=psi/kPa(dual scale),psi/kg/cm2(dual scale)
Options: Plastic lens, monel internals, Stainless Steel Tags
Choice(s) of  filling: GF=Glycerin, SF=Silicone
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