General Details
FFORX: Special nozzle designed to accommodate -4 Flat Face O-Ring Style Fittings. These fittings may be referred to as Face Seal, Seal Lok or FFORX.The white JIC nozzles are molded with a special 37° male flare at the tip to fit the female JIC fittings on hose and tube assemblies. JIC nozzles are marked with the “UC-J” designation, followed by appropriate size.

Model Description
UC-J06 JIC NOZZLE 6mm (1/4”)
UC-J10 JIC NOZZLE 10mm (3/8”)
UC-J13/T13 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 13mm (1/2”)
UC-J16/T16 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 16mm (5/8”)
UC-J19/T19 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 19mm (3/4”)
UC-J25/T22 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 25/22mm (1” & 7/8”)
UC-J32/T25 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 32/25mm (1-1/4” & 1”)
UC-J38/T38 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 38mm (1-1/2”)
UC-J50/T50 JIC/TUBE NOZZLE 50mm (2”)
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