EB Series Single Ball Isolation and Drain

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The EB Series Ball Valve with OS&Y design Gland arrangement Alco Mono-Flange is widely used on isolation and vent applications. Vent being single isolation 13mm to 25mm (1/2” to 1″) bore Ball valve.

Integral studs (though bolting) are fitted to each valve allowing the outlet to be blanked off using a blind flange (flange x flange configuration). The flange is therefore removable without loosening of the valve from the vessel or line to which it is attached.

All studding is permanently fixed using a 4mm(3/16”) dowel type locking pin to prevent the studs from moving during assembly or removal of the Mono-flange valve or the flanges. The valve is designed in accordance with the SHELL specification 77/162. Several other end user oil companies use derivatives of this design which can have ½” NPT female outlet which removes the need for the integral bolting.

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