Chlorine Transfer Range

General Details
Liquid Chlorine transfer is one of the most difficult handling problems in the chemical industry. At ordinary temperatures, chlorine is a gas possessing an intense odor, but when the gas is cooled at atmospheric pressure, it liquefies to a clear amber liquid. PTFE hose are the ideal transfer medium for Chlorine due to its unique properties, and is the only hose that can transfer Chlorine in a safe manner.
Applications  Safe handling of Chlorine transfer
Inner layer construction Low profile convoluted PTFE with integrated fibreglass cover – PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part 1.PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.6.1.C.E.4_12”
Outer Layer construction Two layers of Kynar braid


Temperature range -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +120°F)
Ferrule range available Only available as assembly
Fitting range available Only available as assembly
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