SSP – BSPT Female Connector – Duolok

Duolok BSPT Female Connector, 1/4 Tube Fitting x 1/8 Female BSPT, Brass

General Details
Part #Body MaterialConnection 1 - TypeConnection 1 - SizeConnection 2 - TypeConnection 2 - Size
IBD4FCRT2BrassTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/8 in
IBD4FCRT4BrassTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBD4FCRT6BrassTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBD4FCRT8BrassTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBD6FCRT4BrassTube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBD6FCRT6BrassTube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBD6FCRT8BrassTube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBD8FCRT4BrassTube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBD8FCRT6BrassTube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBD8FCRT8BrassTube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBDM10FCRT2BrassTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IBDM10FCRT4BrassTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBDM10FCRT6BrassTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBDM10FCRT8BrassTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBDM12FCRT12BrassTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IBDM12FCRT2BrassTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IBDM12FCRT4BrassTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBDM12FCRT6BrassTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBDM12FCRT8BrassTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBDM15FCRT6BrassTube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBDM15FCRT8BrassTube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBDM20FCRT12BrassTube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IBDM20FCRT8BrassTube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBDM22FCRT12BrassTube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IBDM22FCRT16BrassTube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT1 in
IBDM25FCRT12BrassTube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IBDM25FCRT16BrassTube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT1 in
IBDM3FCRT2BrassTube Fitting3 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IBDM6FCRT2BrassTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IBDM6FCRT4BrassTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBDM6FCRT6BrassTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBDM6FCRT8BrassTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IBDM8FCRT2BrassTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IBDM8FCRT4BrassTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IBDM8FCRT6BrassTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IBDM8FCRT8BrassTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSD4FCRT2316 SSTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/8 in
ISSD4FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSD4FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSD4FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSD6FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSD6FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSD6FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSD8FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSD8FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSD8FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSDM10FCRT2316 SSTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
ISSDM10FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSDM10FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSDM10FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSDM12FCRT12316 SSTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
ISSDM12FCRT2316 SSTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
ISSDM12FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSDM12FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSDM12FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSDM15FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSDM15FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSDM20FCRT12316 SSTube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
ISSDM20FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSDM22FCRT12316 SSTube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
ISSDM22FCRT16316 SSTube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT1 in
ISSDM25FCRT12316 SSTube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
ISSDM25FCRT16316 SSTube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT1 in
ISSDM3FCRT2316 SSTube Fitting3 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
ISSDM6FCRT2316 SSTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
ISSDM6FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSDM6FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSDM6FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
ISSDM8FCRT2316 SSTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
ISSDM8FCRT4316 SSTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
ISSDM8FCRT6316 SSTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
ISSDM8FCRT8316 SSTube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMD4FCRT2Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/8 in
IMD4FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMD4FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMD4FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMD6FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMD6FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMD6FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMD8FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMD8FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMD8FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMDM10FCRT2Alloy 400Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IMDM10FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMDM10FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMDM10FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMDM12FCRT12Alloy 400Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IMDM12FCRT2Alloy 400Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IMDM12FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMDM12FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMDM12FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMDM15FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMDM15FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMDM20FCRT12Alloy 400Tube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IMDM20FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMDM22FCRT12Alloy 400Tube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IMDM22FCRT16Alloy 400Tube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT1 in
IMDM25FCRT12Alloy 400Tube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IMDM25FCRT16Alloy 400Tube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT1 in
IMDM3FCRT2Alloy 400Tube Fitting3 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IMDM6FCRT2Alloy 400Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IMDM6FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMDM6FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMDM6FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IMDM8FCRT2Alloy 400Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IMDM8FCRT4Alloy 400Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IMDM8FCRT6Alloy 400Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IMDM8FCRT8Alloy 400Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCD4FCRT2Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/8 in
IHCD4FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCD4FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCD4FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/4 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCD6FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCD6FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCD6FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting3/8 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCD8FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCD8FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCD8FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting1/2 inFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCDM10FCRT2Alloy C-276Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IHCDM10FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCDM10FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCDM10FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting10 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCDM12FCRT12Alloy C-276Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IHCDM12FCRT2Alloy C-276Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IHCDM12FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCDM12FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCDM12FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting12 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCDM15FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCDM15FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting15 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCDM20FCRT12Alloy C-276Tube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IHCDM20FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting20 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCDM22FCRT12Alloy C-276Tube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IHCDM22FCRT16Alloy C-276Tube Fitting22 mmFemale BSPT1 in
IHCDM25FCRT12Alloy C-276Tube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT3/4 in
IHCDM25FCRT16Alloy C-276Tube Fitting25 mmFemale BSPT1 in
IHCDM3FCRT2Alloy C-276Tube Fitting3 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IHCDM6FCRT2Alloy C-276Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IHCDM6FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCDM6FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCDM6FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting6 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
IHCDM8FCRT2Alloy C-276Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/8 in
IHCDM8FCRT4Alloy C-276Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/4 in
IHCDM8FCRT6Alloy C-276Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT3/8 in
IHCDM8FCRT8Alloy C-276Tube Fitting8 mmFemale BSPT1/2 in
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