Ag Master™ Spray 600

General Details

(Specification 4465)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Spraying lawns, trees and similar applications with diluted solutions of water and oil based pesticides and herbicides.

CAUTION: For pesticides or herbicides containing more than 2% Toluene or Xylene, use Gates Chem Master® Paint Spray (formerly 77B hose).

Maximum temperature dependent on pesticide/herbicide or chemicals conveyed. For temperatures above 120°F (+49°C), contact Denver Product Application (303) 744-5070.

TEMPERATURE: -10°F to +130°F (-23°C to +55°C).

CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type G (PVC). Yellow.
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile cord.
Cover: Type G (PVC). Yellow. Striated.
Design Factor: 3:1

COUPLINGS: 8, 14 or 15, 21 (multiple clamps required), 48, 72 Gates Power Crimp® or 75 Gates GLX® couplings.

Reference the Hose Coupling Section.

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