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(Specification 3204EB, 3204SB)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Air and water applications requiring maximum flexibility in any industry, including mining, construction, agriculture, vehicle repair and in-plant operations. Outstanding resistance to heat and ozone. Suitable for light agricultural spraying, such as dilute solutions of herbicides.

TEMPERATURE: -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C) continuous service.

CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type P (EPDM). Black.
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile cord.
Cover: Type P (EPDM). Black. All sizes through 1/2″ are perforated.
Design Factor: 3:1

COUPLINGS: 19 (up through 1/2″ only), 1, 3 or 4, (up through 1/2″ with 20 brass ferrules, up through 1″ with bands), 72 Gates Power Crimp® or 75 Gates GLX®. Reference the Hose Coupling Section.

STANDARDS: Tube: ARPM (Class C) Limited oil resistance.

Cover: ARPM (Class C) Limited oil resistance.

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